It's Democracy.

Done Properly.

Thank you for visiting panocracy!

The word Panocracy has been around for a long time - at least two hundred years - and is a type of democracy where everyone's views are sought both in the creation of laws and in their approval.

In panocracy your opinion counts on every political question.

If you have a great idea for making the country better, or if you want to comment on other people's great ideas, then it's easy to get involved and see your ideas debated and maybe put into practice.

Panocracy is a work-in-progress and this website and the ideas it contains will be evolving as time goes by.

In time you will be able to try out a model panocracy and see for yourself the promise it holds for our societies.

For just now, please browse this website or our substack articles to get an idea of what panocracy is about.